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Traffic Tickets Dismissed

Traffic Tickets Dismissed
Beverly-Hills Traffic Ticket Class

Speeding Ticket Class Don’t spend your spare time in an 8-hour, traffic-school class when you can take your CA approved traffic school entirely online. With you can get your speeding ticket and other tickets dismissed in record time. Our on line and educational trafficschool course is guaranteed to deliver exactly what you need to take care of your traffic safety requirements in a timely, county court approved way. Lowest Price Traffic School         

Driving School Online for the Best Results: 

Online Traffic School

  • Beverly-Hills Traffic School Coupon
    With, you don't need to worry about entering any online trafficschool coupon code. We already give you a built in 10% discount off of your already low priced traffic school course. That means you always save automatically - we never charge you full price!

  • Interactive Computer Lessons
    There are two types of boring traffic ticket schools: Sitting in a dark classroom for 8-hour or 12-hour days or taking a makeshift online course that puts you to sleep. Never fear, with Beverly-Hills's traffic school course you'll skip the boredom with our exciting and information packed online course. We've got lessons that are loaded with interactive flash tutorials, provocative driving statistics, and defensive driving techniques.

    Two More Reason Why On-line Traffic School with Is Right For You 

    Traffic School

  • A Fully Loaded Traffic School
    Being in business for 15 years now, we realize that having your ticket dismissed fast and easily is a top priority. That's why we offer all the basic traffic school services you need plus additional services to help accommodate your unique situation. For example, if your court deadline crept up on you and you need your certificate delivered ASAP, we have rush delivery options to help you make your court due date. Or maybe you need the flexibility of a workbook course because you simply don't have access to a computer - not a problem, we've got you covered (in most areas). At, we've got everything you need to get back on the road safely.

  • Our Courses are Self Paced
    With our online traffic ticket course, getting your citation dismissed has never been easier. You can take as little or as much time as you need to finish each lesson. Want to take the course all in one day? Not a problem. Are you busy with work, school, or other areas of life? Not an issue - you can take the course over several days or weeks. It's entirely up to you how long your online trafficschool program will take!

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